A Dowsing Review Article

Dowsing can be defined as ‘the art of knowing.’ Dowsing is often used today to detect a wide range of information from medical diagnosis to the location of lost objects and underground water. This review article by The Scientific and Medical Network aims to cover the history of dowsing and the key theories, controversies, research, and references.


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Sad - Citizens of Puerto Rico discover stockpiled and hidden Hurricane Maria relief supplies. Thankfully, EarthWaterAlliance had boots on the ground distributing water filters.

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As 2019 comes to a close, #EarthWaterAlliance wants to send thanks and blessings to all of our friends and supporters. Because of your generosity, we have been able to provide clean, safe drinking water to the people of the Navajo Nation. ...

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2017 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report –

Our second year has been productive and inspiring thanks to all of you who have joined us on our sacred earth journey.

Highlights of the year include:

  • Through our alliances with Sawyer Products, Agape Flights, Love the Nations, LYNC8 Project, La Perla, and all of their volunteer distribution networks on the ground in Puerto Rico we delivered approximately $10,000 worth of Sawyer bucket-style water filter kits to 200 individuals, families, communities and water distribution centers to: Aguadilla, Aguada, Añasco, Arecibo, Barranquitas, Bayamon,Caimito, Cayey, Corazal, Dorado, Guaynabo, Gurabo, the neighborhood of Las Cuevas in Loiza, Mayagüez, Orocobis, Rincon, San Juan, Santurce and Trujillo Alto. Members also responded directly to our call for action by sending water filters and supplies directly to Puerto Rico.
  • Earth Water Alliance assisted Richard Roy of Eau Sans Frontières in obtaining nonprofit pricing for water filtration systems to be distributed in Haiti.
  • Members of Earth Water Alliance contributed over 2,000 seed packets to support local regional-food systems, sustainable farming practices, farmers markets, and food communities throughout Puerto Rico.
  • The Rita Marley Foundation brought U.S. based agricultural consultant, Steven Herbert, a water resource consultant for Earth Water Alliance, to Jamaica to conduct an intense Organic Farming Training Programme for high school students.
  • During our site visit in 2017, Earth Water Alliance was disappointed to learn that the water well location dowsed by its volunteers in 2016 was not adhered to by the driller and no water was located during the bore hole test. Alternate water sources are currently being explored by our alliance partners DigDeep and St. Bonaventure Mission and School. We will continue to monitor their activities and offer support as appropriate.

September 20: Hurricane Maria makes landfall devastating Puerto Rico

Agape Flights:

Agape flights distribution network
Agape Flights distribution network

From 9/28 – 10/18 Agape made 4 flights and sent 1 sea container, delivering a total of 32,867 lbs of love to benefit the people of Puerto Rico living in the following areas: Aguadilla, Aibonito, Mayaguez, and San Jaun. Generous donors provided the finances and resources to deliver critical relief supplies in the form of generators, chainsaws, non-perishable food, solar lights, water purification tablets, Sawyer water filtration systems1, diapers, baby food/formula, tarps, personal care items, gas cans, and cleaning supplies. We are thankful for the trusted “boots on the ground” supply distribution network through the missions of Calvary Chapel, Casa Ulrich, Center Christian Restoration, Love the Nations, and Mennonite Disaster Service! After talking with a pastor who is part of our distribution network on the ground and telling him what was on the flight, he broke out in tears of thankfulness, letting us know that these people have nothing.” (AgapeFlights.com) 1Provided by Earth Water Alliance Inc.

Love the Nations Facebook post:

What a day!!!!! This morning we received our 3rd flight from Agape Flights. Then we sorted and delivered a ton of supplies (literally) We were able to serve 100’s in Levitown and also take supplies to Teen Challenge Puerto Rico where 40 of their teens totally lost all of their possessions. Wrapping up the night constructing 23 water filtration systems for distribution tomorrow!  Tomorrow we plan deliveries to churches in Arecibo, Corazal, Orocobis, Barranquitas, Bayamon, San Juan, Cayey, trujillo alto, Gurabo, Caimito, & Santurce.”

LYNC8 Project: 

I cannot thank you enough for these filters!! They are working AMAZINGLY well! I have installed them and the ones I brought from Village Water and it has been incredible. Now people have a way to replenish their water supplies instead of constantly seeking out, or paying for bottled water, which is expensive and running low.

LYNC8 distribution network
LYNC8 distribution network

All the filters you and EWA shipped to us have been distributed out directly to individuals, or to our on ground personal to hand out or use in areas where water is STILL NOT AVAILABLE. It’s hard to believe, but the very city we live in, Aguada, still has no consistent water source yet. Also, once the city water is back on, the contamination will remain for quite a while, so that makes the filters have a continued importance. We explain that when we hand them out as well. Once again, thank you for all that you all have done for the people of Puerto Rico and your continued support of our mission there! You were a blessing to us and an answer to a prayer! If we can help in any way, please feel free to contact us. We will be in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic working all Spring and summer with relief teams.”

Mara Nieves, Huertos Comunitarios y Permacultura Urbana, Viejo San Juan:

Huertos Comunitarios y Permacultura Urban, Viejo San Juan distribution network
Huertos Comunitarios y Permacultura Urban, Viejo San Juan distribution network

2/9/2018: “Things are still quite difficult for many people on the island, but also there is a ton of powerful self-sufficiency organizing happening within many communities here! The roads are ok but many traffic lights aren’t on and there are landslides from time to time and bridges out on many mountain roads but usually there are alternative routes. Many communities still don’t have electricity and running/safe water and families are being stretched to their limits paying for generator gas. That’s why foundations and org’s bringing in solar and water filtration are still so key! And a fair number of people are still living in tents with their fingers crossed that FEMA will approve them for enough money to make at least provisional concrete structures on the sites of their previous homes in time for the start of hurricane season in June. I have been working with 3 grassroots community mutual aid groups. One is in the historically economically marginalized community of Las Cuevas, Loiza, 30 minutes from San Juan. The neighborhood leader there Kenny who received your water filters (her neighbors came and took all 50 within 5 minutes of my arrival).”

Seeds for Puerto Rico – Huertos Comunitarios y Permacultura Urbana, Viejo San Juan

Seeds for Puerto Rico
Seeds for Puerto Rico distribution network

Brigades at the Community Center of San Miguel de La Perla categorized donated seeds, created 33 seed banks (seed libraries) for schools, and distributed over 60 assortments of seeds to over 250 agro-ecological farms, community orchards, and school gardens.

Youth Trained in Organic Agriculture

Steven Herbert trained 105 students at Bustamante High School in Clarendon, Jamaica. “Participants were taught the characteristics and Steven Herbert, Stephanie Marley, Rosemary Duncanpractices of organic farming. As opposed to conventional farming which relies heavily on chemicals for fertilization, pest and weed control, organic farming works in unison with nature. Chemical treatments are replaced with natural methods. Emphasis is on building soil boosting Marley Foundation dowsing with L-rodsits organic content and thus encouraging proliferation of soil biology. Students were also taught the art of dowsing, a method of locating water with L-rods or other dowsing tools. Dowsing assists with gaining information about nutrient levels, necessary fertilizers, amendments, and optimal planting locations. Schools were gifted dowsing tools, L-rods, and organic seeds.” (Harambe, November 2017-February 2018, pages 9-10 of 14)

Copyright 2018 Earth Water Alliance, Inc.

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Steven Herbert Receives Certificate of Appreciation

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Welcome to the Earth Water Alliance Blog!

Welcome to the Earth Water Alliance Blog! We look forward to sharing information with you about climate challenges, solutions, and tapping into our intuitive knowledge for climate change action. Thank you for joining us in this journey and sharing your inspiration and intuitive knowing thru actionable solutions. Join us by sharing your comments, suggestions, and stories.

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