Hurricane Maria death toll may be more than 4,600 in Puerto Rico

Article written by John D. Sutter and Leyla Santiago, CNN: updated Tuesday 29 May 2018

San Juan, Puerto Rico (CNN) –  An estimated 4,645 people died in Hurricane Maria and its aftermath in Puerto Rico, according to an academic report published Tuesday in a prestigious medical journal. That figure dwarfs Puerto Rico’s official death toll of 64, which the article’s authors called a “substantial underestimate” of Hurricane Maria’s death toll…

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Anti-pipeline campaigners found not guilty by judge because ‘protest against climate change crisis’ was legal ‘necessity’

Article written by Andrew Buncombe, New York: published Tuesday 27 March 2018

More than a dozen protesters who clambered into holes dug for a high pressure gas pipeline said they had been found not responsible by a judge after hearing them argue their actions to try and stop climate change were a legal “necessity”. Read the entire article at Independent news

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Tens of millions of Americans exposed to unsafe drinking water each year