“The meeting of leaders from states and regions, cities, business, investors and civil society at the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) underlined the transformational action they are already pursuing.”

Some highlights include:

“An alliance of more than 60 state/regional, city governments and multinational businesses are now committed to a 100% zero emission targets through the ZEV Challenge.”

“Business is stepping-forward with 23 multinational companies in EV100, with revenue of over $470 billion, committed to taking fleets zero emission.”

“Almost 400 global companies along with health care providers, cities, states and regions now have 100% renewable energy targets. 488 companies from 38 countries have adopted emission reduction pathways in line with the science of the Paris Agreement—up nearly 40 per cent from last year.”

“Over 70 big cities, home to some 425 million citizens, are now committed to carbon neutrality by 2050, including Accra, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Mexico City. A further 9,100 cities representing 800 million citizens are now committed to city-wide climate action plans.”

Read the entire press release at GlobalClimateActionSummit published September 14, 2018
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Leaking Las Vegas: West’s Biggest Reservoir Nears Critical Threshold

by Tyler Durden

Lake Mead – the West’s largest reservoir – is running dry again and is on track to fall below a critical threshold in 2020, according to a new forecast by the Bureau of Reclamation.

Read more at ZeroHedge, August 18, 2018
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Humans are pushing the Earth closer to a climate cliff

“A new study examines potential climate feedbacks that could push Earth into a ‘hothouse’ state.”

Read more at The Guardian, August 15, 2018
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Puerto Rico energy company says all its customers have electricity nearly one year after Hurricane Maria

Read more at Independent, published August 16, 2018
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Puerto Rican Government Acknowledges Hurricane Death Toll of 1,427

Read more at The New York Times, published August 9, 2018
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Hurricane Maria death toll may be more than 4,600 in Puerto Rico

Article written by John D. Sutter and Leyla Santiago, CNN: updated Tuesday 29 May 2018

San Juan, Puerto Rico (CNN) –  An estimated 4,645 people died in Hurricane Maria and its aftermath in Puerto Rico, according to an academic report published Tuesday in a prestigious medical journal. That figure dwarfs Puerto Rico’s official death toll of 64, which the article’s authors called a “substantial underestimate” of Hurricane Maria’s death toll…

Read the entire article at CNN
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Anti-pipeline campaigners found not guilty by judge because ‘protest against climate change crisis’ was legal ‘necessity’

Article written by Andrew Buncombe, New York: published Tuesday 27 March 2018

More than a dozen protesters who clambered into holes dug for a high pressure gas pipeline said they had been found not responsible by a judge after hearing them argue their actions to try and stop climate change were a legal “necessity”. Read the entire article at Independent news

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Tens of millions of Americans exposed to unsafe drinking water each year