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Earth Water Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, promotes consciousness dowsing and creates alliances to advance environmental sustainability throughout the world. In addition to providing education and research, it provides clean water and sanitation to under-served populations through its charitable Earth Water Alliance fund. Earth Water Alliance is an organization of dowsers and intuitives who believe the world will be better served when organizations and people are working together with universal knowledge and recognition of our oneness and interdependence by promoting health in our waters, foods, and lives.


Donate Filters for Clean Water for Puerto Rico

Donate filters for Clean Water for Puerto Rico at One bucket adapter filter kit could provide clean water for 100 people for pennies a day. Simple to use - a bucket filter can be constructed in minutes. The bucket adapter kit includes everything needed to attach the filter to any plastic bucket or...

Clean Water for Puerto Rico

Clean Water for Puerto Rico With multiple locations and organizations across the country, Earth Water Alliance is securing Clean Water for Puerto Rico by providing water filters for individuals, families, and communities in dire need of clean, safe drinking water. We’ve teamed up with major water filter companies – Sawyer and LifeStraw – to...

Distillation Can Remove Contaminates from Drinking Water

With increasing concerns about contaminants in water that may affect health, distillation can remove contaminates from drinking water. Distillation is an effective method for removing most contaminates According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: “Distillation is an effective water treatment technology for commercial and household use. When water is purified by distillation, it is boiled...

Distill Water Using a Pot and Stove

How to Distill Water Using a Pot and Stove Distilled Water is water that has had many of its impurities removed through the process of boiling the water and collecting the resulting steam. In an emergency, the following is a simple method to obtain drinking water from contaminated water is to distill water using a...

Solar Desalination for Drinking Water

In an emergency, solar desalination is an effective way to obtain drinking water from salt water. Solar Desalination Process: 1. Collect salt water in a bowl or container.  Make sure you don’t fill it up all the way. You will need some space at the top of the bowl so that the salt water...

Before the Flood, a National Geographic Channel documentary

Before the Flood – Leonardo DiCaprio and National Geographic explore climate change. “Before the Flood, directed by Fisher Stevens, captures a three-year personal journey alongside Academy Award-winning actor and United Nations’ Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio as he interviews individuals from every facet of society in both developing and developed nations who provide unique,...

Meet the Team

Amy Loomis


Amelia “Amy” Loomis, MSW, CCHt is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, trainer, consultant, writer and grants consultant, program developer and administrator, and former school and clinical social worker. She completed her Masters in Social Welfare at UC Berkeley and continued training in the Science of Intuition, Shamanism, QiGong, Imagery in Medicine, PSYCH-K, Reconnective Healing, and Addiction, Recovery and Spirituality. She teaches precision intuition methods including consciousness dowsing, collaborative decision making, mindfulness guidance, ideomotor knowing, and soul scar transformation (LodeStar Transformations.)

Dreama Brower


Dreama Brower, MSA, C.P.A. Dreama was first introduced to dowsing as a child when she watched a Dowser locate water. As an adult, she was reintroduced to the art of divining and now uses it in most aspects of her life. She believes water is one of our most precious resources and we have the power to combat poverty and social injustice through the availability of adequate, clean water supplies. Dreama has been an Officer and Board Member of several profitable renewable energy businesses and non-profit organizations. She is excited about this opportunity to help Earth Water Alliance, Inc. as it builds a network dedicated to promoting consciousness dowsing and working together to advance environmental sustainability in recognition of our global interdependence.

Susan Trumpfheller


Sue is looking forward to working with this multi-faceted group, Earth Water Alliance, Inc. and the many benefits it will bring to others on a global arena. Her passion for water and sustainable practices in agriculture, business and home will assist in guiding education and research. A long time dowser, Sue is also author of seven books in her Pendulum Dowsing Book Series. These include 99 Ways to Use the Pendulum and Discover the Pendulum. Sue has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Michigan State University and an AA in Computer Science. She lives in San Jacinto CA.



Steve Herbert is a geologist, transpersonal anthropologist, international dowser and development worker, and writer. He is the former Secretary of the American Society of Dowsers' Water for Humanity Fund, a position he held for nearly nineteen years. Steve has been a member of ASD since 1985 and has taught in the Basic School, the Water Dowsers Course and the Advance Dowsing Course. His dowsing specialties are water, earth energies and agriculture. He has made ten trips to Latin America to teach dowsing and promote water resources development, some of which were under sponsorship of the US Partners of the Americas program, and he served in the US Peace Corps before that as an Agroforestry Extension Agent. Steve was honored with the ASD Dowser of the Year award in 2002

Bill Getz


Bill Getz has been water dowsing since he was a young child. He has a Bachelors in Industrial Design from The Ohio State University, a Masters in Educational Communications from the University at Albany. He retired from NY State as a Director of Staff Development. He pursued a 35 year study of the Edgar Caye Readings, is a Life Member of the American Society of Dowsers, has taught the Water Dowsing Course, has promoted funding 14 wells in India, and has dowsed over 1800 wells in his dowsing career.

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Water Filters for Puerto Rico