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Climate Change

America’s Western Joshua Tree is Now Endangered

The western Joshua tree has historical and regional value to communities in the western United States where Joshua trees have existed for over 2 million years. But, their future is uncertain. Their long-term survival has been challenged by a number of climate-related issues. The trees are only found in desert conditions and most of them are in the  West and Southwest. Unfortunately, the range in which the trees can exist is rapidly shrinking. California recently voted to permanently protect the otherworldly western Joshua tree, as the desert plant faces challenges caused by development and climate change. The iconic trees will be protected under the Western Joshua Tree Conservation Act that was recently passed. The act prohibits the unauthorized removal and killing of these plants. Those who are caught… Read More »America’s Western Joshua Tree is Now Endangered

How to Build A Simple Box-Style Solar Cooker

A Box-Style Solar Cooker can be constructed in a few hours for very little money. Follow these instructions to build one. You will need the following supplies Two cardboard boxes. Use an inner box that is at least 38 cm (15 in) by 38 cm (15 in), but bigger is better. The outer box should be larger than the small box all around, but it doesn’t matter how much bigger, as long as there is 1.5 cm (0.6 in) or more of an airspace between the two boxes. The distance between the two boxes does not have to be equal all the way around. Also, keep in mind that it is very easy to adjust the size of a cardboard box by cutting and gluing it. Note that you can build the Easy Lid… Read More »How to Build A Simple Box-Style Solar Cooker

Why And How to Cook With A Solar cooker

Why and How to Cook with Solar Nearly 3 billion people cook over wood, animal waste, charcoal fires, or other non-sustainable fuel sources. They breathe in smoke and soot for hours every day. Indoor air pollution from combustible fuels causes millions of deaths with women and girls accounting for 6 out of every 10 of these. Worldwide, three out of seven people lack sustainable fuel to cook their meals and make water safe to drink And, even more rely on expensive, unsustainable fossil fuels.  By using solar energy to cook and make water safe to drink, we can improve health, empower women and children, and break the cycle of poverty. People who harness free solar energy for cooking and water purification, breathe cleaner air, drink safe water,… Read More »Why And How to Cook With A Solar cooker

Pill bottles

What can I do with all of These Medicine containers?

Almost 70 percent of Americans take at least one prescription and more than 50 percent take two – that’s a lot of empty pill containers. What can we do with all of those empty plastic containers? Refuse Contact your pharmacist/supplier and tell them you don’t want plastic containers. Tell them to switch to more commonly recycled #1 or #2 plastic. They may not change their ways immediately but the more pressure consumers put on them the better. Reduce Ask your physician to fill your prescriptions for longer periods if possible. A 90-day refill will use only 1 container whereas three 30-day refills will require 3 pill bottles. Return Box those containers up and send them back to your supplier or deliver them to your pharmacist. Repurpose They… Read More »What can I do with all of These Medicine containers?

There is Hope for Climate Change

Submitted by Ed Ewert All of the apocalyptic news involving our climate crisis can push us into a climate despair, an overwhelming sense of helplessness, depression and resignation.  This despair can cause us to shut down and ignore climate change as a way to get through our days without being constantly depressed.  Unfortunately, that response only leads to the worst possible outcomes.  That’s unacceptable.  As stated by renowned climate scientist, Katharine Hayhoe, to overcome this crisis we must make our climate crisis a part of our everyday conversation.  Only in that way can we convince our leaders to take the urgent and bold actions needed to save our planet.   Yet, how do we keep talking about something that we want to ignore?  The key… Read More »There is Hope for Climate Change

Photo off Earth from space

Our World Depends On Us!

In support of 2020 Global Climate Action, this YouTube presentation Our World Depends On Us answers: “Must We Change? Can We Change? Will We Change?” It’s time to be part of a planet-wide dialogue on the climate crisis and its solutions. It’s time to ask: What is the future we want?

Pollinator Power ebook

“Pollinator Power” ebook

Get your copy of “Pollinator Power,” an educational publication of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. This fact filled ebook contains something for all ages.  Topics include: Pollinating Power  Bats,  Bees Beetles Butterflies Flies Hummingbirds Moths Wasps Pollinator Habitats Providing for Pollinators Pollinators in Peril Pollinator Programs Color the Pollinators Websites and Apps for Pollinator Information Sources for Seeds for Pollinators and  Houses for Pollinators. Download your copy of Pollinator Power now and have fun learning about the wonders in your environment. 

In Praise Of the Earth

by John O’Donohue Let us blessThe imagination of the Earth,That knew early the patienceTo harness the mind of time,Waited for the seas to warm,Ready to welcome the emergenceOf things dreaming of voyagingAmong the stillness of land. And how light knew to nurseThe growth until the face of the EarthBrightened beneath a vision of color. When the ages of ice cameAnd sealed the Earth insideAn endless coma of cold,The heart of the Earth held hope,Storing fragments of memory,Ready for the return of the sun. Let us thank the EarthThat offers ground for homeAnd holds our feet firmTo walk in space openTo infinite galaxies. Let us salute the silenceAnd certainty of mountains:Their sublime stillness,Their dream-filled hearts. The wonder of a gardenTrusting the first warmth of springUntil its black… Read More »In Praise Of the Earth

Installing solar panels on agricultural lands maximizes efficiency and crop yields

A study, in the journal Scientific Reports, finds that if less than 1% of agricultural land was converted to solar panels, it would be sufficient to fulfill global electric energy demand. In previous research by the same authors, they showed that solar panels could increase crop yields on dry, unirrigated farmland. And, a separate study concluded that solar panels would also work well on irrigated fields due to less drought stress and reduced watering requirements. The solar panels also benefit from the cooler environment created by evaporation from the crops. There is a huge potential for solar and agriculture (“agrivoltaics) to work together – a win-win for our food, water, and energy supplies. To read the study abstract go to: Solar PV Power Potential is… Read More »Installing solar panels on agricultural lands maximizes efficiency and crop yields

House, Senate OK Colorado River drought plan, capping years of debate

Both House and Senate versions of the Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan Authorization Act require that the Interior secretary authorize the water allocation agreement hammered out by the 7 basin states. That deal is designed to prevent a potential water crisis and settle disputes over who gives up water if the river reaches a crisis level.

What’s happening with the Colorado River Drought plans?

‘Done’ isn’t done: What’s happening with the Colorado River drought plans? by Luke Runyon and Bret Jaspers of KJZZ, published 7 February 2019 “The seven states that rely on the Colorado River for water haven’t been able to finish a series of agreements that would keep its biggest reservoirs, Lake Mead and Lake Powell, from dropping to levels not seen since they were filled decades ago. Five states — Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming and Nevada — are done. So is northern Mexico. But California and Arizona failed to meet the federal government’s Jan. 31 deadline to wrap up negotiations and sign a final agreement.” Read the full article at Cronkite News published by Arizona PBS. Return to Home page.

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