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Film Festivals and Events published April 20, 2022

Prepare Disaster Plan and Emergency Supply Kit Now published September 4, 2021

How to Build a Simple Bucket Compost Toilet published August 18, 2021

Acknowledging Our Oneness with Earth published July 10, 2021

How to Build a Simple Box-Style Solar Cooker published June 24, 2021

How to Make a Copenhagen-Style Solar Panel Oven published June 21, 2021

Why and How to Cook with a Solar Cooker published June 21, 2021

Clean and Purify Your Water Nature-Ally published April 29, 2021

What’s the Scoop about Composting and Why Compost Now? published March 28, 2021

How to Mitigate U.S. Water Shortage Catastrophes published March 4, 2021

Distillation Can Remove Contaminates from Drinking Water published February 23, 2021

How to Distill Water Using a Pot and Stove published February 23, 2021

How to Remove Uranium From Drinking Water published January 27, 2021

Celebrate a New Dawn With The 2020 Winter Solstice published December 18, 2020

You’ve Built Your Composting Toilet – What Do You Do Now? published December 13, 2020

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 2:46-48 published December 5, 2020

What Can I Do With All of These Medicine Containers by Dreama Brower, published November 24, 2020

There is Hope for Climate Change by Ed Ewert, published November 7, 2020

Our World Depends on Us published October 10, 2020 (link to YouTube video)

Dowsers and Intuitives Sheltering in Place with Grahame Gardner published September 17, 2020 (link to YouTube video)

Dowsers and Intuitives Sheltering in Place with Gail Minogue published September 17, 2020 (link to YouTube video)

Dowsers and Intuitives Sheltering in Place with Maya Zacharow published September 15, 2020 (link to YouTube video)

Pollinator Power ebook published September 3, 2020 (link to ebook published by National Garden Clubs, Inc.)

Native Americans Return to Their Roots published August 7, 2020 (link to article by Katelyn Reinhart)

In Praise of the Earth by John O’Donohue, published April 22, 2020

Climate Reality Leadership Conference UPDATE published February 26, 2020

Update- British Society of Dowsers 2020 Symposium published February 15, 2020

Remote Viewers Locate Ancient Byzantine Structure published December 28, 2019 (link to article published in the Journal for Scientific Exploration)

A Dowsing Review Article published November 4, 2019 (link to article published by The Scientific and Medical Network)

Try Dowsing Your Gardens by Dreama Brower, published August 24, 2019

Installing Solar Panels On Agricultural Land Maximizes Efficiency and Crop Yields published August 14, 2019 (link to study in Scientific Reports)

Water Testing Kits Help Determine The Quality of Your Water by Dreama Brower, published May 10, 2019

Tap Water Vs Bottled Water Purity by Dreama Brower, published May 6, 2019

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day by Dreama Brower, published April 22, 2019

House, Senate OK Colorado River Drought Plan, Capping Years of Debate published April 9, 2019 (link to article by Andrew Howard, Cronkite News)

Climate Reality Leadership Conference published March 4, 2019

British Society of Dowsers Spring Symposium published February 25, 2019

What’s Happening with the Colorado River Drought Plans? published February 11, 2019 (link to article by Luke Runyon and Bret Jaspers of KJZZ)

‘Everything is not going to be okay’: How to live with constant reminders that the earth is in trouble published February 10, 2019 (link to article by Dan Zak, The Washington Post)

Snowpack in Trouble Across the West and Around the Globe published December 24, 2018 (link to article by Tony Davis, Arizona Daily Star)

Fourth National Climate Assessment published December 20, 2018

Global Warming of 1.5°C, an IPCC special report published October 17, 2018 (links to IPCC’s Global Warming Special Report)

Climate Change is On A Roll by Dr. Alan K Betts, published September 9, 2018

Intuition Into Action presentation at 2018 West Coast Dowsers Conference published August 14, 2018

Our Responsibility to the Earth by Dr. Alan K Betts, published July 15, 2018

UN Sustainable Development Goals Report 2018 published July 12, 2018

Global Water Scarcity by Dreama Brower, published April 14, 2018

2017 Annual Report published March 21, 2018

Sawyer Bucket Filter Assembly and Maintenance published March 16, 2018 (link to video)

How to choose the best drinking water filters published March 11, 2018 (link to video)

EWG’s Tap Water Database published February 25, 2018 (link to database)

The Global Water Crisis | How Much Water Do We Really Use Everyday? published January 27, 2018 (link to video)

Jamaica Youth Trained in Organic Agriculture published December 22, 2017 (link to Harambe Newsletter)

Students trained in organic farming and dowsing published November 12, 2017 (link to article by Loop News)

Donate Filters for Clean Water for Puerto Rico published October 20, 2017

Clean Water for Puerto Rico published October 8, 2017

Distillation Can Remove Contaminates from Drinking Water by Dreama Brower, published September 15, 2017

Distill Water Using a Pot and Stove by Dreama Brower published September 15, 2017

Solar Desalination for Drinking Water by Dreama Brower, published September 15, 2017

Before the Flood, a National Geographic Channel documentary published July 12, 2017 (video link)

The Water Conflict Chronology – Water Conflicts over the Centuries and Millennia published Jun 27, 2017 (by Circle of Blue)

Composting Toilets Save Water and Improve Environment – an alternative to flush toilets by Dreama Brower, published May 21, 2017

Composting Toilets – Decisions, Decisions by Steven Herbert, published April 1, 2017

Navajo Nation Water Shortage published March 22, 2017

St Bonaventure Site Visit published January 25, 2017

Meet the Millions of Americans Without Clean Running Water published January 02, 2017 (link to video)

Walking on Navajo Water published January 02, 2017 (link to video)

Steven Herbert Receives Certificate of Appreciation published November 06, 2016

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