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Film Festivals and Events

We invite you to join these events. Earth cannot be changed for the better unless the consciousness of indivicuals changes. With commitment and action, we stillhave an opportunity to build a just, peaceful, and caring world.

Heart Labrynth in Stone

Our Earth is in agony – Together we can change The future

Peace eludes us All over the world, there is endless hatred, envy, jealousy, and violence. Nations are in social disaray, economic disparities threaten families and communities, people are treated inhumanely, and species are being driven to extinction. Our world is suffering. Our planet is being destroyed as Earth’s ecosystems are exploited and treated with disdain and disregard. Many humans are being pushed beyond their ability to think clearly and compassionately. People, animals and plants that inhabit this earth with us deserve protection, preservation, and care. As humans, we have a special responsibility to protect our Earth and its environment for future generations. It is in our power to open our hearts more to each other with compassion in our interactions. We must cultivate living in… Read More »Our Earth is in agony – Together we can change The future

Climate Reality Leadership Conference UPDATE

Join former Vice President Al Gore at an on-line virtual Climate Reality Leadership Corps training July 18-26, 2020 and learn how you can lead the global fight for climate solutions. Application Deadline June 25, 2020.

Update – British Society of Dowsers 2020 Symposium

Due to the coronavirus, The British Society of Dowsers has postponed their 2020 Symposium until Saturday, 12 September 2020. As previously announced, it will will be held at the Croft Suite, Worcester Racecourse Conference Centre, Pitchcroft, Worcester, Engand. Presentations include: Dowsing in service to the hive; Rollright Stones 6000 years ago to date; Nutrition – the good, the bad & the ugly; Earth Energies – Denbigh Castle, time zones & transformations. For additional information and to register, visit or send an email to

British Society of Dowsers Spring Symposium

The British Society of Dowsers has announced that their 2019 Spring Symposium will be held on April 6th and 7th at St John’s Campus, University of Worcester, England. The Symposium provides practical experience for attendees with workshops following a half day format including a half hour break midway.  They offer a choice of eight workshops over the weekend, which are repeated so that you won’t miss out on your favorites. Both two day and one day passes are available.  For the full program with workshop descriptions follow this link to the website of British Dowsers. “The British Society of Dowsers, formed in 1933, is the leading organization in the UK for dowsers and exists to encourage the study and enhance the knowledge of dowsing in all its forms… Read More »British Society of Dowsers Spring Symposium

Intuition into Action

“Intuition into Action” by Earth Water Alliance presented at the 2018 West Coast Dowsers Conference. Forming alliances to promote sacred ecology and advance environmental sustainability.

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