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Celebrate and spread Heart Gratitude All year

Let’s give ourselves and others the gift of gratitude and love.

  • Focus your attention on the top of your head. Imagine a beam of bright, divine light and love from the universe shining down and entering through the area at the center of your head.
  • Breath this divine light and love thru your forehead, down thru your throat, and into your heart area.
  • Focus your attention on your heart and charge it with the energy of this divine, universal light and love.
  • Now radiate this loving energy out in the form of genuine gratitude.
  • Radiate gratitude thru your body, out to your arms and hands, thru your torso, into your legs and feet. Fill your entire body with divine, universal loving energy and gratitude.
  • Send this loving energy and gratitude into the earth, the soil, waters, roots and fungi. Spreading it around the world.
  • Now, radiate this gratitude to all people who are providing comfort and lifting the spirits of those feeling hopelessness.
  • Expand this gratitude to include compassion and care for all who are living in survival mode and suffering from disasters, hunger, war, and fear.
  • Next, imagine all of these people radiating gratitude to more and more people spreading loving energy throughout the world.
  • See people around the world awakening to love and compassion as they receive gratitude and loving energy.

Know that radiating our individual and collective love, gratitude, and compassion is making a significant difference.

Researchers at HeartMath Institute have found that gratitude causes a synchronized activation in the brain. It can make you feel happy and calm, lower stress and blood pressure, and boost immune system functions. We may not be able to change the world overnight, but our heartfelt gratitude and compassion can add proven effective benefits.

Let’s celebrate by giving ourselves and others the gift of heartfelt love and gratitude.

Updated 27 May 2023.

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