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Voices of our Herbal Elders Podcasts—Guest Brooke Medicine Eagle. In these free podcasts, Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar invites various elders to share their wisdom. In the latest podcast she discusses ancient herbal wisdom with herbalist and musician Brooke Medicine Eagle. They discuss traditional indigenous practices, ancient wisdom and love, nature’s sanctuary and how the blend of modern and ancient knowledge can bring about transformative healing. Listen at Science and Art of Herbalism or on Apple or YouTube.


Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine offers a free 50 page Winter Seasonal Guide—Herbal Recipes & Remedies. The Guide discusses herbs for winter and provides recipes for teas, mulling spices, bread, oils and more. Get a copy at ChestnutHerbs

Organization of Nature Evolutionaries offers a free podcast with Rocio Alarcon, The Physical and Spiritual Intelligence of Plants. Rocio is a South American herbalist who has worked to preserve indigenous cultures and land in the Amazon and Andean community. Learn about plants such as quinoa, tomatoes, rice and beans and their spiritual and ancient cultural connection to people. Learn experiments that increased the quality of food by the way in which people behave around them and about food as medicine. Access the podcast at NatureEvolutionarires

Fantastic Fungi is a documentary about the amazing world of mushrooms. The vivid film discusses the beauty and intelligence of nature and the mycelial network. It is available on Prime, Netflix, YouTube TV, or you can rent it for a low fee at FantasticFungi

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