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Pill bottles

What can I do with all of These Medicine containers?

Almost 70 percent of Americans take at least one prescription and more than 50 percent take two – that’s a lot of empty pill containers. What can we do with all of those empty plastic containers? Refuse Contact your pharmacist/supplier and tell them you don’t want plastic containers. Tell them to switch to more commonly recycled #1 or #2 plastic. They may not change their ways immediately but the more pressure consumers put on them the better. Reduce Ask your physician to fill your prescriptions for longer periods if possible. A 90-day refill will use only 1 container whereas three 30-day refills will require 3 pill bottles. Return Box those containers up and send them back to your supplier or deliver them to your pharmacist. Repurpose They… Read More »What can I do with all of These Medicine containers?

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