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St. Bonaventure site visit

Steve Herbert and Dreama Brower recently visited St. Bonaventure Indian School and Mission to verify the dowsed location for a well being drilled at Smith Lake. They also visited a family with an installed cistern system for improved water storage and provided an introduction to dowsing to staff at the mission.

Meet the Millions of Americans Without Clean Running Water

Watch George McGraw’s TEDxNashville talk to learn 1) what it is like to be an American without access to water 2) what we should be doing to help resolve this problem and 3) what lessons we can learn from this issue

Walking on Navajo Water

“Walking on Navajo Water” by Navajo Youth Media Productions is visually impactful and informative. There are approximately 200 families living on the Navajo Reservation without running water in their homes. These students have expressed their interest in finding resolutions and have documented their understanding and commitment to action. This is a very nice production. They know that Water is Sacred – Water is Life!  

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