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Acknowledging our oneness with Earth

When we recognize and acknowledge that All are One,  harming the Earth and each other becomes inconceivable. Once we acknowledge that our individual and human needs have consequences, we realize we cannot continue to degrade the environment. As we each develop a sense of responsibility and ownership for the well being of our earth, it becomes glaringly obvious that our actions effect all and “All are One” 

Change is not dependent upon good policies, good leaders, and good politicians, it is dependent upon each of us finding the true meaning of love for nature and the earth. It is dependent upon us integrating that love into our daily lives. When people develop a sense of ownership of the planet, the result is affection and love for the earth and for all life. 

When you read philosophy, it will give you knowledge; when you meditate, it will give you the experience. It’s fine to read philosophy, but to attain what philosophy is speaking about, you have to meditate.” Swami Muktanando

  • Imagine life particles of love coming down to you from the sun above your head, into your heart. 
  • Transmit these bright life particles throughout your body. 
  • Imagine these life particles of love healing the places where you hurt.
  •  Visualize the dark, unhealthy energy in that place leaving the body as it becomes bright and glowing with vitality. 
  • With all your senses, feel happy, healthy, and protected. 
  • Now send these life particles to those you love, your neighbors and friends, your community, and throughout the world.


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* “LifeParticle meditation, a practical guide to healing & transformation” by Ilchi Lee

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