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America’s Western Joshua Tree is Now Endangered

The western Joshua tree has historical and regional value to communities in the western United States where Joshua trees have existed for over 2 million years. But, their future is uncertain. Their long-term survival has been challenged by a number of climate-related issues. The trees are only found in desert conditions and most of them are in the  West and Southwest. Unfortunately, the range in which the trees can exist is rapidly shrinking. California recently voted to permanently protect the otherworldly western Joshua tree, as the desert plant faces challenges caused by development and climate change. The iconic trees will be protected under the Western Joshua Tree Conservation Act that was recently passed. The act prohibits the unauthorized removal and killing of these plants. Those who are caught… Read More »America’s Western Joshua Tree is Now Endangered

Film Festivals and Events

We invite you to join these events. Earth cannot be changed for the better unless the consciousness of indivicuals changes. With commitment and action, we stillhave an opportunity to build a just, peaceful, and caring world.

Celebrate and spread Heart Gratitude All year

Let’s give ourselves and others the gift of gratitude and love. Know that radiating our individual and collective love, gratitude, and compassion is making a significant difference. Researchers at HeartMath Institute have found that gratitude causes a synchronized activation in the brain. It can make you feel happy and calm, lower stress and blood pressure, and boost immune system functions. We may not be able to change the world overnight, but our heartfelt gratitude and compassion can add proven effective benefits. Let’s celebrate by giving ourselves and others the gift of heartfelt love and gratitude. Updated 27 May 2023.

How to Build A Simple Box-Style Solar Cooker

A Box-Style Solar Cooker can be constructed in a few hours for very little money. Follow these instructions to build one. You will need the following supplies Two cardboard boxes. Use an inner box that is at least 38 cm (15 in) by 38 cm (15 in), but bigger is better. The outer box should be larger than the small box all around, but it doesn’t matter how much bigger, as long as there is 1.5 cm (0.6 in) or more of an airspace between the two boxes. The distance between the two boxes does not have to be equal all the way around. Also, keep in mind that it is very easy to adjust the size of a cardboard box by cutting and gluing it. Note that you can build the Easy Lid… Read More »How to Build A Simple Box-Style Solar Cooker

Food Scraps

How to Reduce Waste by Building an Indoor Compost Bin

Yard and kitchen wastes represent approximately 30% of waste in the U.S. This waste stream can be composted to feed your garden. Whether you live in the country or a city, you can enjoy gardening and composting. Here’s how to build an indoor compost bin that will not only provide fertilizer but will actively engage you, your children, and even your friends if you choose. Instructions for Making an Indoor Compost Bin Obtain an opaque plastic or wood bin with a lid. For a family of 1 to 2 people a 15 inch high by 18 inch wide by 24 inch long bin should be sufficient. A family of 4 to 6 people might need a 15 inch high by 24 inch wide by 42 inch… Read More »How to Reduce Waste by Building an Indoor Compost Bin

Recyclable bottles and containers

America Recycles – Facts and Tips for Everyday Recycling

America Recycles Day is November 15, 2021. It is the only nationally-recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the U.S. Here are a few facts and tips for how to properly recycle in everyday life. Aluminum and steel are infinitely recyclable. Recycling aluminum saves more than 90% of the energy required to produce new aluminum products versus producing new metal from virgin ore. Recycling steel cans saves nearly 74% of the energy used to produce it from raw materials (enough energy to power about 18 million homes for a full year). Clean aluminum foil is recyclable. Glass can be recycled over and over without any loss in purity or quality. Recycled glass reduces emissions and comsumption of raw materials, extends the life of… Read More »America Recycles – Facts and Tips for Everyday Recycling

Tropical Storm Irene Flooding

Prepare Disaster Plan and Emergency Supply Kit Now

What is Disaster Preparedness? Disaster preparedness refers to measures taken in advance of a disaster to mitigate the impact and help with survival. Preparedness includes assessing your risk, creating an emergency management plan, assembling an emergency supply kit, creating a crisis communications plan, and planning for an alternate location. Assess Your Risks Based on a combination of experience, forecasting, subject matter expertise, and other available resources, develop a list of threats and hazards that could affect your family, business, or community. Threats and hazards can be organized into three categories: Natural hazards: acts of nature Technological hazards: accidents or the failures of systems and structures Human-caused incidents: the intentional actions of an adversary Assess the likelihood of an identified threat or hazard affecting the community… Read More »Prepare Disaster Plan and Emergency Supply Kit Now

How to Build a Simple Bucket Compost Toilet

Reasons for building a composting toilet Traditional toilets use up to 5 gallons of water on a single flush whereas composting toilets need very little to no water. Sewage treatment plants require significant infrastructure, operating expenditures, and energy to clean wastewater. Septic tanks are expensive and may not be possible depending on land conditions and environmental regulations. A do-it-yourself composting toilet does not require any plumbing and is inexpensive to build. A composting toilet lets you dispose of your waste in the greenest possible way by turning it into compost that feeds your plants.  A composting toilet is not an outhouse (latrine, privy). When properly built and utilized, it gives off no foul odors since the composting process is carried out by bacteria under aerobic conditions… Read More »How to Build a Simple Bucket Compost Toilet

Why And How to Cook With A Solar cooker

Why and How to Cook with Solar Nearly 3 billion people cook over wood, animal waste, charcoal fires, or other non-sustainable fuel sources. They breathe in smoke and soot for hours every day. Indoor air pollution from combustible fuels causes millions of deaths with women and girls accounting for 6 out of every 10 of these. Worldwide, three out of seven people lack sustainable fuel to cook their meals and make water safe to drink And, even more rely on expensive, unsustainable fossil fuels.  By using solar energy to cook and make water safe to drink, we can improve health, empower women and children, and break the cycle of poverty. People who harness free solar energy for cooking and water purification, breathe cleaner air, drink safe water,… Read More »Why And How to Cook With A Solar cooker

Acknowledging our oneness with Earth

When we recognize and acknowledge that All are One,  harming the Earth and each other becomes inconceivable. Once we acknowledge that our individual and human needs have consequences, we realize we cannot continue to degrade the environment. As we each develop a sense of responsibility and ownership for the well being of our earth, it becomes glaringly obvious that our actions effect all and “All are One”  Change is not dependent upon good policies, good leaders, and good politicians, it is dependent upon each of us finding the true meaning of love for nature and the earth. It is dependent upon us integrating that love into our daily lives. When people develop a sense of ownership of the planet, the result is affection and love for… Read More »Acknowledging our oneness with Earth

Clean and Purify Your Water Nature-ally

Have you ever thought about purifying water in a natual manner? Natural filtration is all around us but can we use it to purify our water? Water Scarcity One of the most crucial problems affecting the world today is the scarcity of low-cost potable water. It is estimated that globally, half of all hospital beds are occupied by people suffering from a water-related illness. Our global water shortage is getting worse every day due to over usage, lack of conservation methods, pollution, and draught. Even countries with significant water resources are experiencing reductions in natural clean water supplies. Unfortunately, most water purification technologies are not readily accessible to economically disadvantaged people throughout the world. In response to this growing crisis, scientists have been researching water purification… Read More »Clean and Purify Your Water Nature-ally

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