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Donate Filters for Clean Water for Puerto Rico

One bucket adapter filter kit could provide clean water for 100 people for pennies a day.

Donate filters for Clean Water for Puerto Rico at EarthWaterAlliance

Simple to Use

As simple as it gets with no expensive cartridges to replace or chemicals to add. A bucket filter can be constructed in minutes. The bucket adapter kit includes everything needed to attach the filter to any plastic bucket or container. Each kit includes a 0.1 micron hollow-fiber membrane filter, one bucket hole cutter, a filter cleaner syringe, a filter hanger, and one adapter hose (bucket is not included). No pumping, chemicals, or electricity required.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Obtain a clean rain barrel, bucket, or plastic container.
  2. Use the hole cutter to drill a hole 1.5 inches from the bottom of the bucket (you can do this by hand).
  3. Screw the connector, hose and filter onto the bucket.
  4. Connect the hose.
  5. Snap the hose into the filter.
  6. Fill the bucket with water from any source.
  7. Lower the filter head below the water line in the bucket and let gravity do the rest.
  8. To stop filtering, just hang the filter from the top of the bucket using the filter hanger.


When the water from the filter starts to slow down, simply back wash it with clean water using the filter cleaner syringe provided in the kit. Filters can continuously be back washed and reused to provide approximately 170 gallons of water per day and 1 million gallons of water per filter.

Effective against waterborne disease

With its 0.01 micron absolution filtration, the Sawyer filter removes 99.99999% of bacteria and 99.9999% of protozoa/cysts.

Donate Filters for Clean Water for Puerto Rico

100% of donations to EarthWaterAlliance That are specified “Clean Water” go directly to provide for people in desperate need of clean, safe water.

Potential impact:

100 people per filter.

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