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There is Hope for Climate Change

Submitted by Ed Ewert

All of the apocalyptic news involving our climate crisis can push us into a climate despair, an overwhelming sense of helplessness, depression and resignation.  This despair can cause us to shut down and ignore climate change as a way to get through our days without being constantly depressed. 

Unfortunately, that response only leads to the worst possible outcomes.  That’s unacceptable.  As stated by renowned climate scientist, Katharine Hayhoe, to overcome this crisis we must make our climate crisis a part of our everyday conversation.  Only in that way can we convince our leaders to take the urgent and bold actions needed to save our planet.  

Yet, how do we keep talking about something that we want to ignore?  The key is to give ourselves hope.  If we have hope we can keep the conversation going.  But, where can we find that hope?   

We can find hope in documentaries that show us how we can put the Earth’s climate back on the road to recovery.  That is why I am sharing with you the climate documentaries that have given me hope.  If our climate crisis has you down, watch these documentaries:

** “An Inconvenient Truth” and “An Inconvenient Sequel,” both by former vice president, Al Gore. 

** Check out Leonardo Di Caprio’s “Before the Flood.” 

** From Australia comes the inspirational, upbeat climate documentary “2040.” 

** Another inspirational documentary is the recently released, “Kiss the Ground,” available through Netflix. 

Start feeling confident and optimistic that we can overcome this crisis.  Keep the conversation going.  Act. 

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