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Dowsers and Intuitives Sheltering in Place with Gail Minogue

Heart Labrynth in Stone

In this edition of “Dowsers and Intuitives Sheltering in Place” Gail Minogue, master numerologist, discusses free will choice and working with emotional energy as we move from the iron age and ascend thru this time of destruction and creation to usher in the golden age.

Los Angeles based Master Numerologist, Gail Minogue has researched and applied ancient sciences (including sacred geometry) to real-world challenges for over 25 years to help individuals excel in rapidly changing times.  A published authority in the symbolic relationship of numbers to our lives; she combines many disciplines to deliver a practical understanding of trends and events—past, present, and future.  By understanding the various ancient cycles and by observing the modern-day cycles, Minogue has the ability to connect seemingly disconnected events and present the greater picture of our times.  She pulls materials from ancient cycles related to timing and structures and connects them to current events that will produce a future result. More information is available on her website: View “Dowsers and Intuitives Sheltering in Place with Gail Minogue” on YouTube.

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