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America’s Western Joshua Tree is Now Endangered

The western Joshua tree has historical and regional value to communities in the western United States where Joshua trees have existed for over 2 million years. But, their future is uncertain. Their long-term survival has been challenged by a number of climate-related issues. The trees are only found in desert conditions and most of them are in the  West and Southwest. Unfortunately, the range in which the trees can exist is rapidly shrinking. California recently voted to permanently protect the otherworldly western Joshua tree, as the desert plant faces challenges caused by development and climate change. The iconic trees will be protected under the Western Joshua Tree Conservation Act that was recently passed. The act prohibits the unauthorized removal and killing of these plants. Those who are caught… Read More »America’s Western Joshua Tree is Now Endangered

Film Festivals and Events

We invite you to join these events. Earth cannot be changed for the better unless the consciousness of indivicuals changes. With commitment and action, we stillhave an opportunity to build a just, peaceful, and caring world.

There is Hope for Climate Change

Submitted by Ed Ewert All of the apocalyptic news involving our climate crisis can push us into a climate despair, an overwhelming sense of helplessness, depression and resignation.  This despair can cause us to shut down and ignore climate change as a way to get through our days without being constantly depressed.  Unfortunately, that response only leads to the worst possible outcomes.  That’s unacceptable.  As stated by renowned climate scientist, Katharine Hayhoe, to overcome this crisis we must make our climate crisis a part of our everyday conversation.  Only in that way can we convince our leaders to take the urgent and bold actions needed to save our planet.   Yet, how do we keep talking about something that we want to ignore?  The key… Read More »There is Hope for Climate Change

Photo off Earth from space

Our World Depends On Us!

In support of 2020 Global Climate Action, this YouTube presentation Our World Depends On Us answers: “Must We Change? Can We Change? Will We Change?” It’s time to be part of a planet-wide dialogue on the climate crisis and its solutions. It’s time to ask: What is the future we want?

Pollinator Power ebook

“Pollinator Power” ebook

Get your copy of “Pollinator Power,” an educational publication of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. This fact filled ebook contains something for all ages.  Topics include: Pollinating Power  Bats,  Bees Beetles Butterflies Flies Hummingbirds Moths Wasps Pollinator Habitats Providing for Pollinators Pollinators in Peril Pollinator Programs Color the Pollinators Websites and Apps for Pollinator Information Sources for Seeds for Pollinators and  Houses for Pollinators. Download your copy of Pollinator Power now and have fun learning about the wonders in your environment. 

Welcome to the Earth Water Alliance Blog!

Welcome to the Earth Water Alliance Blog! We look forward to sharing information with you about climate challenges, solutions, and tapping into our intuitive knowledge for climate change action. Thank you for joining us in this journey and sharing your inspiration and intuitive knowing thru actionable solutions. Join us by sharing your comments, suggestions, and stories. Updated January 14, 2019

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