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Native Americans Return to their roots

Food insecurity amid COVID-19 prompts Native Americans to return to their roots

by Katelyn Reinhart, published at Cronkite News, 3 August 2020

“From a traditional hogan in a remote area on the Utah-Arizona line, Cynthia Wilson spent much of her spring sourcing drought-resistant seeds, packing them in small manila envelopes and labeling them to ship to families across the Four Corners.”

“Wilson’s upbringing was immersed in Diné culture. Her grandfather was a medicine man, her mother an herbalist. Wilson is a nutritionist who directs the traditional foods program for Utah Diné Bikéyah, a nonprofit that promotes the healing of people and the Earth through conservation of tribal lands.”

“She grew up understanding the connection to food, its role in tradition and culture, ceremony and cures. When COVID-19 began sweeping through the Navajo Nation, Wilson started Seeds and Sheep, an initiative that provides Navajos with sheep to raise and the means to start their own gardens.” Read the entire article here.

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