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Water filters

Clean and Purify Your Water Nature-ally

Have you ever thought about purifying water in a natual manner? Natural filtration is all around us but can we use it to purify our water? Water Scarcity One of the most crucial problems affecting the world today is the scarcity of low-cost potable water. It is estimated that globally, half of all hospital beds are occupied by people suffering from a water-related illness. Our global water shortage is getting worse every day due to over usage, lack of conservation methods, pollution, and draught. Even countries with significant water resources are experiencing reductions in natural clean water supplies. Unfortunately, most water purification technologies are not readily accessible to economically disadvantaged people throughout the world. In response to this growing crisis, scientists have been researching water purification… Read More »Clean and Purify Your Water Nature-ally

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Earth Water Alliance celebrates Earth Day every Day. Learn more about Puerto Rico Water Filter Distribution; Puerto Rico’s Sustainable Agriculture Movement; water distribution project on the Navajo Nation at Smith Lake and Baca, New Mexico; flooding at the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, and Dowsing and Intuition in the Classroom.

Sawyer Bucket Filter Assembly and Maintenance

Watch this video to see how to set up and maintain your sawyer bucket filter. Watch video now. Sawyer Bucket Systems are Not Sold Public but Can be obtained by contacting Sawyer International here. Sawyer water filters can be purchased from Amazon: PointOne All-in-One Filtration Kit with 32 oz. Squeezable pouch MINI Water Filtration System We are a participant in the AmazonSmile program, a simple and automatic way for you too supper out charity every time you shop, at no cost to you. To participate, go to and select Earth Water Alliance Inc. as your charity. Updated 15 May 2022 to refresh Video Link, add link to contact Sawyer International, and exclude products no longer Available at  

How to choose the best drinking water filters

Water filters are necessary to remove or reduce the myriad chemicals that contaminate our nation’s drinking water, some of which are linked to cancer and endocrine disruption. For more tips on selecting the best filter for your home, visit EWG’s Healthy Living: Home Guide

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